What the Foundation is about

A Philanthropic mission

Our aim is to raise funds for local groups and individuals that are vulnerable/disadvantaged 

The Braintree District has a long and successful history of philanthropy and community giving. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries this was mostly driven by large-scale industrial businesses.

Substantial profits were invested back into the Braintree District. These profits built homes for workers, community buildings and green open recreational spaces – most of which have remained a lasting benefit to residents.

Today, the District is made up of a greater number of smaller (micro) businesses. The Braintree District Community Foundation is on a mission: to reconnect businesses with people and communities.

We are building up strong and lasting relationships with local businesses,
philanthropists and individuals to encourage community giving.

The Braintree District Community Foundation will, in its first year, create a Braintree District Community Endowment Fund built up from the generous donations given by local businesses, philanthropists and individuals. The Fund will be used to establish a
small grants scheme allowing local people and community groups to bid for funding. We will match people and ideas to support community projects throughout the Braintree District.

The Braintree District Community Foundation is putting people and communities at the heart of everything it does. It acts with professionalism and integrity to ensure that the Braintree District benefits from its existence.

 Caroline Burrows-Wren and  Joanne Beavis

Directors and founders

Brooks Newmark President

BDCFcicLittle people

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